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Apple Brings The New Revolution To The Market With iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S was a way Apple chose to, to tell the world that they think ahead of time. By building a phone with 64-bit architecture and fingerprint identity sensor they made everyone feel special and secure at the same time. It was like giving the feel of the gadgets that otherwise seemed to be available to fictional spy agents like James Bond!

This iPhone is extremely light and thin. It is 7.6 millimeters in width and it weighs just about 112 grams. It is available in 3 colours gold, silver and grey.

iPhone 5S has the incredible feature known as the Touch ID. The touch ID is set on the Home button, which is used all the time. Sensors have been placed under the home screen button that reads your fingerprint. This time it not your headache to remember the password but the phones! The phone can store multiple fingerprints. The best part is these fingerprints details are not stored in iCloud or any other Apple server. The details are just confined to your phone in the A7 chip.

This feature has been designed with the help of biometric experts and hardware engineers. The home screen button is made from sapphire crystal, which protects the sensor beneath it and helps in capturing the detailed picture of your finger. The stainless steel frame around the home button helps in providing accuracy by improving the signal-to-noise ratio.

The iPhone engineers came up with the efficient option to enhance the performance and graphics of the phone with a co-processor; A7 and M7.

A7 is a chip that has been designed around 64-bit architecture, so that iPhone as a smart phone is capable of giving desktop class performance. The idea was to give power in the hands, in fact in the palms of people. It is 2 times faster than the previous processors. It has good graphics performance and it is the only one image signal processor. Even with this load of work to do, it does not draw much energy proving to be energy efficient.

The M7 coprocessor offloads the work from A7 by taking away the motion data from the accelerometer, compass and gyroscope. With both of them working in sync, the battery life increases.

The iOS 7 installed along with A7 chip makes the experience of using the iPhone more fun, exciting and at the same time simple.

The camera is an indispensable part of any smart phones nowadays, the camera provided with this iPhone model is has larger sensor that enhances the pixels. The features added are namely:

  • larger sensors and larger aperture
  • continuous burst mode
  • true flash tone to name a few

Another feature is FaceTime HD camera. It has the improved backside illumination sensor and larger pixels.

The built-in applications are optimized to take full advantage of the new A7 chip and 64-bit architecture.

By: Vipin Jain

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