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About Vipin Jain

(CEO / Founder of Konstant Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.) Mobile App Provider (A Division of Konstant Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.) has an exceptional team of highly experienced & dedicated mobile application and mobile website developers, business analysts and service personnels, effectively translating your business goals into a technical specification and online strategy. Read More

Most Wallet App Startups Fail- Here is Why and Your Guide to Success

In the last few years, we have seen some outstanding growth and innovation in the fintech sector particularly in consumer-based products. And while they have had their fair share of successes and failures, one particular product has been till now … Continue reading

Porting Android App to iOS? Don’t Forget These 5 Factors

iOS and Android are the two most popular mobile platforms that virtually run a duopoly in the smartphone industry. Though we won’t get into the details here, there is one crucial factor worth that’s quite relevant for our discussion. From … Continue reading

App Data Monetization: The Path to Profitability

You must have heard the popular catchphrase- “data is the new oil”, it’s now so commonly used that it often betrays its true meaning. But in this context, there couldn’t be a better comparison. If data is the new oil, … Continue reading

Why and How to Integrate Uber API

Mobile apps are easily one of the most decentralized markets in the world. Anyone with decent technical skills or financial resources can build an app and try their luck in the market. In fact, many developers and business have made … Continue reading

Enterprise Application Development: Truth vs Hype

Enterprise apps are often seen as the zenith of software development proficiency and there are valid reasons for such a reputation. Building enterprise solutions require the finest of skills from various domains like the mobile app, system architecture, cloud services, … Continue reading