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About Vipin Jain

(CEO / Founder of Konstant Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.) Mobile App Provider (A Division of Konstant Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.) has an exceptional team of highly experienced & dedicated mobile application and mobile website developers, business analysts and service personnels, effectively translating your business goals into a technical specification and online strategy. Read More

Airbnb Alternatives: 7 Just as Good Vacation Rental Apps

It’s amazing how one application with a fresh idea carries the potential to disrupt entire industries and what’s even more fascinating is how that one service over time takes the shape of some entirely new industry. And while there are … Continue reading

How Do Apps Make Money? The Best Strategies and Use Cases

In the first three months of 2019, smartphone users around the globe spent a whopping $19.5 billion on mobile apps. With a projected YoY growth rate of around 17%, that figure is estimated to touch $150 billion annually by 2022. … Continue reading

Top Mobile App Development Frameworks You Can Rely On in 2019

If you trace the trajectory of development tools used in mobile apps against web applications, you would notice that we currently stand at an inflection point- at the cusp of a major paradigm shift. While mobile app development has traditionally … Continue reading

AngularJS for Web and Mobile: Here are the Top Frameworks

It is interesting how technology and the tools to build them are mutually interdependent. How a seemingly powerful tool forms the base for dozens of smaller but precise tools. Like Angular- we know for a fact that it is one … Continue reading

All you need to Know to Build an On-demand Fuel Delivery Services

If you have a smartphone on you at the moment, there are few things you can’t access with a few taps. That’s the power of mobility. Not only has it created a whole new digital economy but as also transformed … Continue reading