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Porting Android App to iOS? Don’t Forget These 5 Factors

iOS and Android are the two most popular mobile platforms that virtually run a duopoly in the smartphone industry. Though we won’t get into the details here, there is one crucial factor worth that’s quite relevant for our discussion. From … Continue reading

Salient Features to Consider While Developing iOS Apps

Mobile application developers have been gasping in stunned silence towards the ups and downs of the mobile economy. iOS has reformed ostensibly since its inception with widespread usage of mobile phones. Although it has been crossing paths with Android users … Continue reading

Apple Brings The New Revolution To The Market With iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S was a way Apple chose to, to tell the world that they think ahead of time. By building a phone with 64-bit architecture and fingerprint identity sensor they made everyone feel special and secure at the same time. … Continue reading

iOS 7 – An Operating System for Mobiles

iOS 7 is an operating system that is developed specially for mobiles. It is also known as the mobile operating system. It has been designed by the company called Apple. It is the seventh version of the original OS and … Continue reading

On Device Console for iOS Developers

Xcode gives us a bunch of tools to keep the nasties at bay. There are so many situations where you want to see same Xcode console log output while you are not actually debugging you application using Xcode. Your tester … Continue reading