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Design Basics For iPhone Application Development


The method of iPhone application development has got a close resemblance with the OS X application. The major difference between the two is that the latter is at a little lower level of development when compared with the earlier one. iPhone app development belongs to the category of advance and high developmental technologies. Even the tools used for both have got much similarity but still there is remarkable difference between the two. The process of iPhone application development embeds various strategic methods of designing. The impregnability of iPhone OS is lucrative for the designing approaches of the developmental process of iPhone.

It really rewards the designers to do a creative designing work for the iPhone application development. Certain basic points for the same involve the following.

Importance of Pixels – Pixels is a magical word for the designers. It works wonders for any web designer when used in the proper way. The iPhone app developers check and observe all your assignment in pixel so whatever imagination that you do should have a pixel map also.

The art of exporting PNGs – The hardware of Apple incorporates some very latest and complicated methods for the optimization process of PNGs. So use your own tips like exporting the layers separately or in an individual manner.

Export various images as one – The second basic design tip for iPhone application development is exporting the different static and related images together under one flat image.

Pixel size of image – The designer of iPhone application development should always remember this point related to images. The perfect pixel size that you have imagined for the image should be followed while sending the image. Do not send the image in other pixel size.

Organizing and arranging the PNGs – The cropped or the crafted PNGs should be arranged in the folder by screen. They should be given a name in a compatible and uniform manner. The name should also indicate towards the detail of that particular file. It becomes really easier to arrange the files when the names are indicative and useful.

Three basic animation methods – There are three basic animation methods which every designer involved in iPhone application development should know. These animation methods are fade in fade out, the x axis or the y axis and rotate. The designer should have perfection on all these basic animation tools. They may look simple but are still full of impact when used in the right manner.

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