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Improve Your Programming Skills

Most of us at the time of our Engineering consider the programming as a horrible thing . Programming logics may differ from person to person . One may solve a problem using fewer lines of code while other consuming greater . Your programming logic defines the complexity and the time consumption of your program . Lesser the complexity and time consumption of your logic better your program will be considered . One should always keep brushing his programming skills no matter how much experience does he/she contains . Number of sites are there providing various programming competitions , challenges and interview questions . Some are as follows : –

1. Project Euler : This site provides you the math challenges and problem that most of us often face while development
Site URL :

2. HackerRank :  This site provides you challenges and problem and you can create your own profile congaing all the information of the problems solved by you .
Site URL :

3. cProgramming : This site provides you challenges and problems to be implemented in the various programming languages . The site also contains the tutorials on various topics in various programming languages .
Site URL :

4. CodeBetter : A community of developers who publishes best practices , superior tools , proven logics and techniques .
Site URL :

Most of us often faces problems during development that may kill our hours with no solutions to it . No matter what programming language you use or what operating system you call home , if you have a question it bounds to be answered at StackOverflow . Yes you heard it right

StackOverflow : Sites provided you with the tons of question regarding various topic in programming languages . You need to create profile in order to post your own question or to give answer to any posted question by other user . The is controlled and managed under the keen observation of highly skilled moderator .


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