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iOS 7 – An Operating System for Mobiles

iOS 7 is an operating system that is developed specially for mobiles. It is also known as the mobile operating system. It has been designed by the company called Apple. It is the seventh version of the original OS and was released on 18th September 2013.

Various new features have been added to this operating system. It can be easily downloaded on iPhone 4, iPad 2 and other new versions. Here mentioned are the changes or developments that they have made in their new operating system for mobiles:

  • In the earlier versions of iOS, you could not keep the track when a particular message was sent. In the new versions, there are timestamps for all the messages sent so that you can check just by swiping the bubble next to the message.
  • The Apple has come up with a totally new feature in regards to the ringtones. It does have new ringtones, but what stands out is the option where you can go and create your own vibration, called the custom alert rhythm.
  • All the iPhone users are well aware who Siri is. She is the personal assistant who helps the owner of the iPhone to find things online. In the new version, she has been upgraded and can help in finding images, latest news apart from the restaurants and cinema information as in earlier versions.
  • Another feature that has been added helps you to stay in touch with your friends much more easily. When you go in the Bookmarks menu, just click the @ symbol and in front of you will be all the tweets with links!
  • Nothing can better, when you get a chance to teach your assistant how to do things. In this case, it is about Siri. There have been times when a name has been a tongue twister for her and you have laughed over it and wondered if you could even tell her, how to pronounce. Well, what else your wish has been granted! Now, you can teach Siri, how to say a name or a word that is mispronounced by her and what else! She will remember.
  • iOS 7 has removed the restriction, the limit placed for how many applications could one have on your screen or not.
  • Downward swipe on your mobile home screen and you have the Spotlight search. You can search everything and anything apart from the web and Wikipedia, as this feature has been removed in the latest version. For that, the user will have to go to Safari.
  • Apart from many other features, this phone also adds the personal touch. Once you add your personal details on the mobile like the address, your birthday, reminders. Siri helps you to keep a track of time and details as asked. For example, picking up something from home, how much traffic will be there from home to office? Even you will be wished ‘happy birthday’ by the phone when the big day comes!

By: Vipin Jain

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