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iPhone 5C – The New Colorful Innovation

iPhone 5C as in the words of the Senior Vice President Design Apple Jony Ive, is a vivid example of software and hardware working together in harmony. It is something that is at the same time new and something that you know very well.

It has been designed in a fashion making it user-friendly, not changing much of its features. Rather enhancing and improving the already present features of an iPhone. The iPhone has been made more colourful. The body has been designed out of plastic with perfect shine. Also provided is a matt-finish plastic cover that protects the shine of phone and gives a beautiful contrast.

Starting with the design, the new iPhone 5C outer shell is designed from a seamless plastic, inside is a metal frame that supports the outside plastic shell. The idea behind it was to give a soft and smooth feel to the user.

Apple has also come up with a plastic matt case that protects from scratches. It is available in six different colours. The material chosen for the outer case is silicone. It is soft to hold. The holes that are drilled align perfectly with the speakers. One more thing that is noticeable is that the outer case does not cover the whole rim of the phone making the actual colour also visible. This proves the point that the cover was not an afterthought.

A6 chip used in this new model of iPhone makes it consume less battery, thus making it energy efficient. The battery does not die while the download is on or you are watching some video.
The network support has been improved, it will be a fun experience to download applications or upload pictures, videos.

The camera is an 8MP iSight Camera that delivers clear pictures even in motion.

You can make videos in 1080p HD. The new high definition video recording camera gives you great clarity. It has three times zoom feature so that when making a video from a distance also, you do not lose focus. You can also take still photos during recording video.

The new iPhone has the new FaceTime HD camera, which has larger pixels and has increased sensitivity in low light.  This is because of the illumination sensor added to it. This improvement makes it easy for you to capture wonderful photos of yourself. The audio quality has also improved, making the calls sound clearer.

The iOS 7 complements the phone nicely by providing an interface that feels alive. The icons are simple and clean. The wallpapers have been designed to match the icons on the home screen, enhancing the looks of the phone.

Sharing has been made easier with Airdrop feature. Using this feature one can share files like pictures, videos, and documents with people nearby. This will help the user to share their beautiful moments with their friends, relatives and other people relatively easy.

iPhone also comes with various built in applications that help you do things whenever and wherever you wish to.

By: Vipin Jain

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