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Mobile Apps Development with Flex

You must be agreed on one thing that with advancement of technology, you can access and avail everything across the world within a few minutes. Doubtless, advanced technology made life much easier than ever, but has created many complications and challenges too. Whether it is a mobile or desktop, mobile app developers are constantly facing challenges to meet the expectation of the end users and build innovative apps. In this article, we will talk about advanced mobile technologies, market challenges and mobile application development with Flex.

With Flex, mobile apps development has reached a new avenue. Even though challenges always remain at the priority, but flex has really helped mobile app developers to make an operating system and browsers friendly application. For instance, earlier Flex ‘Hero’ was created to build application that supports Android powered mobiles. Today, developers have upgraded the SDK kit to support other mobile sets such as Tablet OS, Blackberry, and Apple iOS.

There are lot of new features and components introduced into the market after Flex ‘Hero’. The features are completely supported by Flash catalyst ‘Panini’ and Flash builder ‘Burrito’.  Developers have found a new way of mobile application development with Flex.  The advanced features of Flex ‘Hero’ enable a mobile app developer to develop multi-screen applications. Additionally, there have been many professional versions of Flex, namely Flex 4 to improve the spark components of Flex.

There are three basic components involved with a standard mobile application development, namely;

  • Adobe Flex SDK ‘Hero’
  • Flash Builder ‘Burrito’
  • Adobe AIR 2.5

Many mobile app developers think that they cannot develop mobile apps by using Flex SDK ‘Hero’ only if they don’t have Flash Builder Burrito. It is not true. Flex is a self-sufficient mobile app development tool. You just need to install an Android software development kit to test your creation on a device.

Now, you must be thinking about what kind of mobile phones can support flex applications? Any mobile handset that can run on Google Android 2.2 and tablet will support Flex applications. However, flex is not completely equipped to support tablets, but the mobile app developers will overcome such tiny issues soon.  Everyday new technology is introduced into the market and pulling the attention of the mobile app freaks. By combining your mobile apps development process with Flex, you can create an excellent mobile app with striking features.

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