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Monthly Archives: February 2019

App Data Monetization: The Path to Profitability

You must have heard the popular catchphrase- “data is the new oil”, it’s now so commonly used that it often betrays its true meaning. But in this context, there couldn’t be a better comparison. If data is the new oil, … Continue reading

Why and How to Integrate Uber API

Mobile apps are easily one of the most decentralized markets in the world. Anyone with decent technical skills or financial resources can build an app and try their luck in the market. In fact, many developers and business have made … Continue reading

Enterprise Application Development: Truth vs Hype

Enterprise apps are often seen as the zenith of software development proficiency and there are valid reasons for such a reputation. Building enterprise solutions require the finest of skills from various domains like the mobile app, system architecture, cloud services, … Continue reading

Salient Features to Consider While Developing iOS Apps

Mobile application developers have been gasping in stunned silence towards the ups and downs of the mobile economy. iOS has reformed ostensibly since its inception with widespread usage of mobile phones. Although it has been crossing paths with Android users … Continue reading