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Best Programming Language for Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are just another piece of software and software, irrespective of purpose can be used to build by any language. At least in theory. In practice, however, the current mobile ecosystem is a virtual duopoly between Android and iOS … Continue reading

iPhone 5C – The New Colorful Innovation

iPhone 5C as in the words of the Senior Vice President Design Apple Jony Ive, is a vivid example of software and hardware working together in harmony. It is something that is at the same time new and something that … Continue reading

Improve Your Programming Skills

Most of us at the time of our Engineering consider the programming as a horrible thing . Programming logics may differ from person to person . One may solve a problem using fewer lines of code while other consuming greater … Continue reading

Getting Started With StoryBoard in iOS

With the introduction of storyboard in new Xcode 4.x makes designing your iOS app so much easier. Storyboard allows you to graphically order all your views within a single canvas, where you can design the app’s logical flow and even … Continue reading

Android Apps Development: Perfect for Targeting Niche

  Mobile application development world has been changing constantly with new technologies. Every business is trying to explore new avenues to build brand and generate profit. One good way to maximize your revenue is by targeting niche segment. One latest … Continue reading