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Salient Features to Consider While Developing iOS Apps

Build iOS apps

Mobile application developers have been gasping in stunned silence towards the ups and downs of the mobile economy. iOS has reformed ostensibly since its inception with widespread usage of mobile phones. Although it has been crossing paths with Android users of and on, it will keep banging on and will never be the final time.

It is important to get familiar with the actual developmental aspects of the application including terms, tools, and technologies that will be helpful in the project. An experienced iOS developer has to stay alert throughout the app life cycle until the app is released to the app store. The stages of development involve the following phases:

  1. Defining the concept
  2. Creating wireframes
  3. Making storyboard
  4. Designing the user interface
  5. Making prototype
  6. Coding the application

Clever Search Engine Optimization

It is important to set up the server-side architecture, databases alongside. Without forgetting app store optimization, it just as well is included in the list of priorities. It is important to consider it before coming up with a new solution every time. Once this is in place, it is just a clever SEO that is required to bring up the app among the list of best apps on the app store.

Keyword Stuffing Is Banned

The app name must be free from keywords. It is difficult to optimize the app that has keywords stuffed into its name or description.

Stick to Development Guidelines

Do not let your focus divert away from the app development process. The more strict guidelines are followed, there are even more chances of the app becoming successful at the app store.

Extensive Research Is Required

The keywords selected for the app name and description must be apt and strictly abide by Google’s keywords planner tool or SEMRush, as these tools give an idea about which specific set of keywords are likely to draw user’s attention and improve analytics. This even involves studying various markets, to understand the needs of the audience. It can be a good idea to release the app in different languages in different regional markets as people are keener towards localized search these days.

Reviewing the Progress is Important

It is important to review the progress of the application frequently until it is released on the app store, is reviewed, considering analytics and user behavior.

Keep It Simple

Complexity in the app development process and its features wastes a lot of time and effort. It eventually becomes difficult to understand and maintain. And it is not the only way to allure the audience! A considerable idea, in this case, can be to keep a bird’s eye on the winners of the Apple Design Awards. The apps that win are definitely making waves amongst its users.

Setting a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

In order to want your app to be remembered and set a benchmark amongst all the available ones, it is important to promote it in a way that looks lucrative, creates a requirement amongst the probable users, is time and cost efficient and solves some problem. If any of these criteria are in place the app is going to bang upon in the app store.

Finding a Niche to Workout

Once all the app features are set, everything needs to be jotted down in the description (50 words max) that potentially describes its specifics, its usability, efficiency and problem-solving.

End of the Line

An app reflects its User Interface (UI) or design pattern towards the users the very first time it gets released. Once wireframes, storyboards, prototypes are created, the designing of the user-interface starts with help of storyboards and interface builder. This is the basic building block or the foundation of how the app will work. Additionally, mobile app development companies must hire iOS developers must build an iOS app by counting on all the interactions, events, design patterns, scaffolding for app’s building blocks, foundation frameworks to create front and back end of the application, testing the app after development and maintenance and bug fixes (ongoing).

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