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Blackberry 10 – The New Chapter in Blackberry Apps Development

Those interested in Blackberry apps development latest news must be aware of BB10 but all those who do not know that what is BB10 or Blackberry 10, well; it is the recently displayed mobile OS of RIM. This has basically been designed for touchscreens. It should be mentioned here that RIM (Research In Motion) has once remained the topmost dominating smartphone company of the smartphone market of USA. But even after people’s liking for Blackberry apps development, the company’s share of sale dropped down majorly after Apple introduced the iPhone.

Now RIM is once again back with a bang with its new Blackberry 10, adding new dimensions to the existing Blackberry apps development. The earlier operating systems of RIM were mainly concentrated on small screens and keyboards while the new BB10 is firstly for touchscreens. Also, the perseverance and security of RIM are there in this new operating system.

Although, RIM cannot deny the fact that there are smartphone business giants like Google and Apple but still the company hopes to restitute its dominance in smartphone market through their new operating system on board. So let us go through some more details of this new BB10 which will excite the experts of Blackberry apps development and will hopefully help the company regain its prominence in its niche.

The company expects that the advanced features of BB10 will not only woo the customers but will also attract those who are into Blackberry apps development. This time the customers are going to enjoy a flexible keyboard which will adapt the typing style of the user. To make communication much easier, several keyboard gestures have also been provided. A new camera is also there in this BB10 which will help the user edit photos on the fly.

The reason, why the experts or even the amateurs of Blackberry apps development will be interested in this newly unveiled Blackberry 10, is that it will show true multitasking. The touch based reflexes will also be very fast.

The reason why the new BB10 will thrill the Blackberry apps development people also lies in the fact that it will be a step ahead of the other Blackberry operating systems. For example, the new one is not confined to the tablets or smartphones only. Rather, it can be used in the cars or other embedded devices.

However, the Blackberry apps development is growing constantly but the market stats say that at present, the maximum share of smartphone sale of USA market goes to Google. This is followed by Apple. At the third place, it is RIM (Research in Motion) which now plans to hit the market with its new BB10.


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